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Install Xposed on the Life One X2 and X2 Mini

DISCLAIMEREven though Magisk has Xposed framework available, DO NOT USE IT. Use either of these two methods instead. The one available for Magisk will not work on our device. How to install Xposed Framework: It has come to my attention that some users are still having difficulties getting...
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[FIX]Magisk Install Error 1 In TWRP Recovery

How do I fix ERROR 1 when installing Magisk in TWRP? This is the main question and issue that most of everyone here on Blox2 encounter, including myself. When flashing Magisk in TWRP I often get ERROR 1 then promptly fails. I have also been receiving many complaints...
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[TOOL]B2TK- Blox2Toolkit

Draco has released another tool for the Blu Life One X2 and the mini (untested by me but should work; use at your own risk)! This will help those who are having issues navigating TWRP; you can manage (backup / restore / delete) backups, install zips, and a...
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TWRP for Life One X2

TWRP for Life One X2   Draco is at it yet again by porting TWRP from the Redmi 3S to our beloved Life One X2. This is a substantial upgrade from our initial ported version 2.8 and fixes a lot of broken features many of us...
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