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[TOOL]B2TK- Blox2Toolkit

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Draco has released another tool for the Blu Life One X2 and the mini (untested by me but should work; use at your own risk)!

This will help those who are having issues navigating TWRP; you can manage (backup / restore / delete) backups, install zips, and a ton of other features.


0: Exit
1: Use Non-Root Toolkit
2: [Auto] Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP, and Root (Magisk)

3: Reboot
4: Reboot To Bootloader
5: Reboot To Recovery
6: Hot Reboot

7: Boot TWRP (temporary; run before flash)
8: Flash TWRP (make sure boot works first)
9: Full Device Backup
10: Restore From TWRP Backup
11: Download TWRP Backups
12: Delete All TWRP Backups
13: Flash ZIP With TWRP

14: Remove SuperSu (unSU)
15: Wipe Cache
16: Wipe Dalvik
17: Unlock bootloader
18: Free Device (remove dm-verity and forceencrypt)



– Please install the latest version for the latest payloads and libraries.
– Do not separate the files from each other (payloads & libs MUST stay in the same folder as the executable
– Please extract the files; it will not work within the ZIP
– THIS IS A BETA! I am NOT responsible for whatever happens to your device, although I will try my best to help you with any problems you may have.
– The auto root will not work if you flashed SuperSu previously. You will have to flash a new boot.img.

More info:

~ Draco

One thought on “[TOOL]B2TK- Blox2Toolkit

  1. Andrae says:

    i cant get to access my phone when i plug it on the computer, i can only access it via twrp, ive tried installing thee drivers manually n nothing works please somebody hep!!

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