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Dropped the Phone and shattered my screen.

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    I dropped it in the stall bout 2 months ago not after using it for a month I broke the screen real bad, So if I don’t get it fixed. Than I’m not buying one again; mainly it’s the fact that I can’t modify the system Partition without Resting into TWRP. Phone does well with VR though And I want to fixit. I’ve been watching people fix the Life one X, but no ,lifeone x2, on youtube right now.



    Check out this Blu Phones parts

    They have lcd panels for both colors of the x2, as well as various other parts.

    Id suggest taking it to a phone repair place and see if they can work on it, otherwise you could use tear down guides of similar phones and repair it yourself.

    Really do hope its a cheap and easy repair.




    I did a repair and i dont like my new screen where can i get genuine parts?




    Are there any other options like 2nd hand shops? I need the screen

    What I have is not the best




    Blu Phone Parts is the genuine article. I just had to do the same, and the owner and I have become familiar with one another. HowEVER, I am a professional installer and his parts do not include the frills such as adhesives, so seeking professional installation is strongly advised if you are going to buy from there.



    I replaced the screen on my daughter’s Life One X2 mini, and it’s really bad. The repair went fine, but the texture on the surface of the screen is not what you’d expect.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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