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Lineage OS 13 Unofficial V1 – X2 MINI

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    Lineage OS 13 Unofficial – Life One X2 Mini

    Current Version: 1


    Known bugs:
    – GPS apps lose connection while in navigation mode and sometimes freezes up the whole device.
    – Home button does not wake device (but you can set the fingerprint up to wake device)
    – Auto rotate is iffy, can (and will) get stuck in landscape mode.
    – Wifi doesn’t auto connect when toggled on
    – Device shows up as “unknown” in apps that tell you what device you have.
    – Bluetooth shows Yu4050 (the phone the rom was ported from)
    – Photos get rotated before being sent in messaging apps
    – When the flashlight it enabled, both (front and back) LEDs get turned on
    – Some what significant battery drain compared to stock/Drax roms.

    As of now those are the only bugs I have found from a week of it being my daily rom. Please let me know of any bugs or fixes you may encounter.

    Theming Capabilities:

    I have tested the built in Lineage Theme engine and is working very well.

    Substratum works in Legacy mode which means it is very limited and not very successful.


    1. Download Rom (bottom of page)
    2. Download OpenGapps (I used the Arm64 for android 6 aroma installer)
    3. Download Magisk
    4. Move these downloaded files to your sdcard
    5. Reboot into TWRP recovery and make a backup
    6. Do a full wipe (factory reset)
    7. Flash ROM.zip
    8. Flash Gapps installer (If using the gapps aroma installer you will be presented with a GUI installer and can select apps you want to install)
    9. Boot Android and set up device
    10. Reboot into recovery and flash Magisk to root




    Lineage OS 13 Unofficial – X2 Mini -v1 –(DL COMING SOON)




    Mekkel Richards

    Thanks for doing this.


    Mekkel Richards

    Is this still being worked on?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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