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Qualms with DraX for the Mini

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    So far I have found the following bugs for DraX on the Mini:
    Displaying a video in the web-browser crashes system UI
    Can’t remove nav buttons
    Hardware button is nice, but it always goes back if I touch it, even if I’m pressing it for home. It ends up going back then home which can ruin my multitasking. (IE. browsing reddit sucks 🙁 )

    Other than these things though it has been working well. These things are kind of big deals though, and I think it would be great if they could be fixed.




    I had the issue with HTML5 videos crashing the System UI process when in Chrome.  I changed browsers and no longer have the issue.  I have not gone back and attempted with Chrome again, so don’t know if an update has fixed it.



    I have yet to experience any of those bugs personally, though I will look into it.

    Can you elaborate on your setup? As I have noticed a few Xposed modules causing system ui crashes (mostly the YouTube background enabler) every once in a while when opening/exiting a video.


    As for removing the nav buttons, the only easy way I found to enable and disable them is to use gravitybox with Xposed and in the nav bar settings change the height to 0. This will sudo remove the nav bar. And you can re enable at any time.





    I am using DraX, with Magik 12 and the corresponding manager. The only module I have installed is Viper.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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