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Update Magisk from v12

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    I have a Mini running DraX.  So far, I love it.  I have not had root on an Android phone in 2 years and forgot how much I miss it.  I have tried multiple times to update Magisk (and Manager) from v12/4.3.3 to v13/v5.  Every time, MM force closes when I try to open it.  It has been easier to just restore my backup than to try and reflash v12 and reinstall v4.3.3.

    Of the people that have successfully updated Magisk, what steps did you take and have you updated Manager to v5.1.0/.1?  Also, what is the advantage of updating Magisk and MM?  I do not really care about hiding Magisk; none of the applications I use seem to notice or care that I have root.





    Same problem for me, all updates forces to close magisk



    If your wanting to maintine Your DATA partition This may lead you to formatting it in twrp under “advanced Wipe”

    I have life one x2- my problem was 1. I didnt uninstall old framework and also had xposed exc other roms installed to. So I believe you can use “UPDATE-unSU-signed” to ditch them all. than I downloaded the updated copy of magisk (or nabbed it before I left The android os,) and installed it via TWRP. it worked to. also in the B2TK app, I made sure to run the last selection wich got rid of the encryption and DM-verify; that was preinstalled when I got the phone.

    Anyways its a whole lots easier than reinstalling an old backed up boot.img to get magisk13.3 to install. Hope it helps.

    One other thing is TWRP 3.1-0-0 can also be installed out of B2TK app from Draco of coarse. the auto-version works great but now is running older versions of software I think.

    One thing is That my data partition Needed to be formatted I noticed. It actually had to be reconstructed to, took me a minute.

    But I have all updated Roms and Draco’s OS+Kernel Are awesome for My phone


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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