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WIFI AND BLUETOOTH unavailable ( no mac addresses)

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    as the title says

    just got this phone as a loaner, but the wifi and Bluetooth don’t work, the mac address is unavailable, is this normal? and how can I fix it?

    Model: blue one X2 mini

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    Dean Loros

    You could try reflashing the rom. Take a look at the info here.



    I had the same problem, You need to take off the password and de-encrypt it. Than you should be able to either factory reset or (I recommend) reinstall The OS.



    can you go into some detail on pulling the password off then reflashing? You mean the password at TWRP level? I didn’t see any de-encrypt options in twrp.



    So i seemed to resolve my issue. Here’s step by step what i did.

    • booted into TWRP (i already had it on there from the Drax tool
    • went to mount and made sure i selected all the items twrp would allow me to select (system, data etc
    • once mounted i went to wipe and selected “Advance Wipe”
    • I selected all things i could wipe including internal storage (this may or may not be needed but i did it)
    • once I did the advanced wipe i was still in the wipe section and selected “Format Data”
    • i had to select “yes” this will take the encryption off
    • i think connected my phone to my PC while in TWRP and copied the stock rom from Blox2.com to the internal storage
    • oddly this copies the image to /sdcard  (/sdcard1 is your ACTUAL sd card) confirm its there
    • i go to mount and make sure all the options are selected and make sure that i check select storage is opened and is on “internal storage’
    • Then i go to install, navigate to /sdcard and select the stock rom.
    • once i flash the rom and it all comes back up i finally have wifi back.
    • disclaimer. i have no idea why this worked short of it being said in a post that i needed to de-encrypt before reflashing to stock.

      second. after i got wifi back, i was bold enough to walk through that entire process again and drop the Drax rom on. Same exact steps and i still have wifi. and a much cleaner interface.

      frustrating as hell but kinda fun.  hth



    i have the same issue. my device is cloudfone next. same as blu life on x2. can i flash ur stock rom using qfil ?


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