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[FIX]Magisk Install Error 1 In TWRP Recovery

How do I fix ERROR 1 when installing Magisk in TWRP? This is the main question and issue that most of everyone here on Blox2 encounter, including myself. When flashing Magisk in TWRP I often get ERROR 1 then promptly fails. I have also been receiving many complaints...
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[TOOL]B2TK- Blox2Toolkit

Draco has released another tool for the Blu Life One X2 and the mini (untested by me but should work; use at your own risk)! This will help those who are having issues navigating TWRP; you can manage (backup / restore / delete) backups, install zips, and a...
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[ROM] Stock Blu Life One X2 Mini

Stock Life One X2 Mini Users now have a flashable stock ROM   Thanks to the efforts of papacharlieecho who made this ROM out of pure necessity. Like many of us at one point in time or another, he bricked his Blox2 Mini (flashing Blox2core no less) and...
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Create Flashable ROM From Your TWRP Backup (MM)

Intro Today I will be showing you how to make flashable ROMs from nandroid backups. This can be very useful for those who want to attempt creating a custom ROM or simply to have an alternative way to restore a previous backup. For this guide I will be...
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[Flashable]Life One X2 Stock ROMs

BLOX2 Stock Rom(s) Up until now the only way to revert back to stock on our beloved Life One X2's we needed to use a special tool called QFil which can be confusing to some. Over the last few weeks I have been doing various ROM related modifications and development...
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