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Create Flashable ROM From Your TWRP Backup (MM)

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Today I will be showing you how to make flashable ROMs from nandroid backups. This can be very useful for those who want to attempt creating a custom ROM or simply to have an alternative way to restore a previous backup. For this guide I will be creating a flashable ROM for the Blu Life One X2 which runs MM 6.0.1.

Video Guide

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Lets start by gathering required resources!

  1. A Linux environment
  2. Nandroid backup that you wish to use
  3. SuperR's Kitchen
  4. About 30-60 minutes of your time

1. Which Operating System can I use?

Personally I used Ubuntu (latest) installed on my laptop, with that said you can run Ubuntu as a virtual machine in Windows using Virtual Box or VMware, I have seen people using Cygwin to achieve the same results. If unsure how to set any of these up; Google is a very valuable resource. I assume this will work on Mac OSX but not confirmed.

If installing a fresh Ubuntu use this image:

SuperR's pre-built Ubuntu Kitchen: DOWNLOAD LINK

2. How do I get my nandroid backup?

This is assuming your device is already rooted and have TWRP recovery flashed


  1. Boot into recovery
  2. Select "Backup"
  3. We will need to backup "Boot" and "System". You may backup "Data" as well but is completely optional as it is not required.
  4. Swipe to backup at the bottom. THIS WILL TAKE SOME TIME
  5. Once the backup is complete reboot back into system and connect your phone to your computer
  6. Use the file manager or use "adb pull" to get the backup to your computer. The backup will be in /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUP/<DEVICE SERIAL NUMBER>/name of backup

3. Setting up SuperR's Kitchen

Please refer to SuperR's Documentation and threads for setting up

SuperR's Kitchen on XDA

Getting Started

Now that we have everything set up it is time to begin

Step 1: Start the kitchen

Navigate to the kitchen folder and right click in the background and select "Open Terminal here"

To start the kitchen by typing "./superr"

At this point the program has started and you will be presented with a menu.

Step 2: Create a new project

Enter "1" to create a new project. Follow the prompts that the kitchen gives you.

It will create a working folder named "superr_(your rom name)" in the kitchen folder.

You will need to manually place the TWRP backup files (boot.emmc.win, system.win.000 and system.win.001) into the newly made folder.

Once everything is competed in creating a new project go back to the main menu.

Step 3: Importing the backups

Enter "4" to begin extracting the backup files into something usable.

you will be asked which file you want to extract. Select the file labeled "system.ext4.win001" (if you have one) If not then use "system.ext4.win000".

In the next window it will ask to confirm to extract "system.ext4.win001". Type "y" to continue.

The next step is to name your zip, name it what you want, then hit "enter"

Next you need to select which permission type you want to use. I use option "2" (set_perm)

This will automatically create the META-INF folder and updater script. The boot.emmc.win will be converted to boot.img

Step 4: Make your changes

This is the step were you make your modifications. For the sake of this tutorial we will be skipping straight to the building of your ROM. We will touch on modifying your ROM in the next guide.

Step 5: Start the build

Return to the kitchen menu, then select 8 for "ROM Tools Menu"

a new menu will appear. Select 7 for a "Build Menu"

Finally select option 1 to "Build full ROM Zip"

This will take a lot of time. Go smoke, eat, grab a coffee, take over the world etc..

Step 6: Choose whether you want to sign your ROM

Personally I don't sign my ROMs but that is your preference.

The newly built ROM will be in /superrs-kitchen/superr_(ROM_Name)

Step 7: Edit the updater script

Double click on the newly built ROM.zip and it will open in an archive manager.

Navigate /META-INF/com/google/android/

Right click on "update script" then select "edit"

Find the line that starts with  "format("ext4", "EMMC", file_getprop......."

Delete this whole line.

I have found that it causes issues during flashing and messes up the partition table.

Save the document. The archive manager will ask if you want to update the file in the zip. Select yes.

This may take some time.



You can now flash your newly built ROM in TWRP recovery!

  1. Reboot into recovery
  2. Tap on "Wipe" at the top right
  3. Swipe to perform factory reset
  4. Once complete hit back
  5. Tap on "Advanced wipe"
  6. Select "system", swipe to wipe at the bottom
  7. Hit back until you are at the home screen
  8. Tap on "Install" at the top left
  9. Find your ROM.zip file
  10. Swipe to flash
  11. Wipe Cache
  12. Reboot into System

First boot will take some time! How ever if it is stuck on the logo for more than 15 minutes it is safe to say you are in a bootloop. Simply hold down volume up + power for 5 seconds until the device turns off. Then hold down volume up + power until you see "boot into recovery" in white text. Let go of the power button while continuing to hold down volume up until you see the TWRP splash screen.



I hope this guide was able to help you create your own flashable ROM from nandroid backups, if you run into any errors, issues or have any questions feel free to comment below.

There will be another guide soon on how to modify your ROM using SuperR's Kitchen.

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  1. Damien says:

    Is this what I’m looking at if I want to do a restore of my backup at this time? Normal restore through TWRP throws “extractTarFork() process ended with ERROR: 255”

    Thanks again!

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