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DraX ROM for Life One X2 Series

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What is DraX?

DraX is the latest (and greatest) ROM for the BLU Life One X2 Series. Developed by the talented Draco with support for the original Blox2 as well as the Blox2 Mini. Designed to provide the smoothest overall performance with extended battery life, making DraX the most optimized ROM currently available for the X2 Series.

Installation Tips

  • You can download the latest DraX releases directly from the DraX app.
  • If you have Xposed installed on the system partition (does not apply to xposed on magisk) then you will need to reflash Xposed framework!
  • Works best if data is erased via TWRP right before flash, but it works fine just flashing over. Ringtones and notification sounds need to be reset via settings though.

For instance:

Keep apps, data, and root

  1. Download DraX ROM
  2. Reboot into TWRP Recovery
  4. Once backup is complete, hit the back button until you get to the TWRP home screen
  5. Select "Install"
  6. Navigate to the newly downloaded DraX.zip file
  7. Select DraX.zip
  8. Swipe to flash
  9. Reboot into system
  10. You will now have DraX on your device with all of your apps and settings (pick up where you left off)


Fresh install

  1. Download DraX ROM
  2. Reboot into TWRP Recovery
  4. Once backup is complete, hit the back button until you get to the TWRP home screen
  5. Select "Wipe"
  6. Swipe to perform a factory reset (this wipes all userdata, but your internal sdcard will be left untouched)
  7. Once reset is complete, hit the back button until you get to the TWRP home screen
  8. Select "Install"
  9. Navigate to the newly downloaded DraX.zip file
  10. Select DraX.zip
  11. Swipe to flash
  12. Reboot into system
  13. You will be greeted with the set up wizard for DraX on your X2 or X2 Mini



Features / Improvements

  1. Debloated (while still keeping full functionality)
  2. Remove AdWare / SpamWare
  3. New Boot Animation
  4. Nova Launcher Default (saves ram)
  5. Odexed for speed
  6. New Wallpapers
  7. Google Pixel sounds / alarms / ringtones (need to be reset in "Settings -> Sound" after flash)
  8. Cut animation times (short, medium, long)
  9. WLAN scan is now 45 seconds instead of 15 (saves battery)
  10. Default notification LED is 2s on 2s off
  11. Battery LED is 1s on 10s off
  12. Double home click for multitasking
  13. Minimum brightness now 1 instead of 10 (allows for dark room reading; not eye burning)
  14. Max 10 users (more than before)
  15. Leanback base animation halved
  16. Button pressed animation delay halved
  17. Animations in low power mode (controversial; I like it; might take out)
  18. ViewFling CPU boost (scrolling in web)
  19. Keypress Optimization enabled
  20. New recent apps clear button (cleaner)
  21. Wifi activity (download/upload) displays in status bar
  22. Sped up activity animations
  23. Max notification icons increased to 10
  24. Less tap delay
  25. Overall smoother feel
  26. Reduced System crap files
  27. New Camera app icon (material)
  28. Added “Auto Connect” setting to Wifi Settings
  29. Added “Edit Carrier” option in Settings
  30. Set the default animation scale to 50%
  31. Fixed navigation bar setting text
  32. Additional System Update Settings
  33. More Net Info
  34. Developer Options not hidden
  35. 4G settings
  36. Data usage selection
  37. More in-depth wifi hotspot settings (click on WLAN hotspot setting)

More to come!


Check the DraX app to make sure you're up to date!

Install Xposed Framework

  1. If flashing made you lose root, use B2AutoRoot to re-root with Magisk and flash the newest TWRP
  2. Remove on-screen buttons
    1. Settings → Fingerprint → Sensor Button → On
    2. Settings → Display → navigation_bar_display → Off
    3. New home button controls to allow for a full screen display:
      1. Press for home
      2. Tap or swipe the fingerprint scanner (not click) for back
      3. Double press for multitasking
      4. Hold for Google Assistant
  3. Speed improvements
    1. Enable Developer Options
      1. Settings → About → Build Number (tap a bunch of times)
    2. Settings → Developer Settings → Window Animation Scale → .5x
    3. Settings → Developer Settings → Transition Animation Scale → .5x
    4. Settings → Developer Settings → Animator Duration Scale → .5x
    5. Settings → Developer Settings → Force GPU Rendering → On (optional; sacrifices slight amount of battery for speed)
  4. Flash preferred GApps if you’d like. I included all necessary apps to function, the other GApps can be downloaded from the Play Store.
  5. Go into your settings and reset your notification sounds, since they will need to be manually changed.
  6. For better audio, follow the ViPER4Android Install Guide
  7. For more optional mods, follow the Blox2 Mod Guide


DraX - Blu Life One X2 V1 [EDIT: New link below has all BLOX2 original archives]

DraX Archives - Blu Life One X2

DraX Archives - Blu Life One X2 Mini

Thanks to ieatgravity for porting DraX to the mini and helping with the overall project! Only bug with the Mini is quick charging appears to be dysfunctional.


V1 R1:

- Initial Release

V1 R2:

- DraX app is now a hidden system app (not shown in app drawer)

- DraX app is now only accessible in the Settings page (above "About Device" page)

- DraX app slight improvements


More is coming soon!

25 thoughts on “DraX ROM for Life One X2 Series

  1. Greetings. after the bad update of 12/28 (I delete all data and it is slow) I decided to install a custom roms to my BLOX2. investigating I have seen that there are two stable custom roms, DRAX ROM and LINEAGEOS 13, since I am new to installing roms I wanted to know which of the two I recommend and if they had a post to follow step by step the installation of it.

    saludos. despues de la pesima actualizacion del 12/28 (me borro todo los datos y es lenta) he decidido instalar una custom roms a mi BLOX2. investigando he visto que existen dos custom roms estables, DRAX ROM y LINEAGEOS 13, ya que soy nuevo en el tema de instalar roms queria saber cual de las dos me recomiendan y si tenian un post para seguir paso a paso la instalacion de la misma.

    Si hay algun latino que me pueda ayudar mucho mejor.

  2. Dany Khalife says:

    This ROM doesn’t even boot for me. I see the animation but it keeps going forever. The device heats up and if I go into recovery and examine the drive I notice there’s only a folder named ‘0’ and another called ‘TWRP’ on the Internal Storage.

    Are you still even maintaining this?

  3. I had absolutely hell with this rom on my phone. Anytime I used facebook or instagram it lagged the phone out so bad I couldn’t even do anything. There were times when I my phone locked up for 30-60 seconds before it allowed me to even close the apps so I could use my phone again. This has only happened on this rom. The stockblox and the BLOX2core worked great. I wish there was another great rom for this phone that I could try but the only one is CM13 and its not complete has many features missing.

  4. Braum Graves says:

    Hi guys i just got drax on my device but i really wanted to know.. is fast charge still available with this custom Rom?

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