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[FIX]Magisk Install Error 1 In TWRP Recovery

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How do I fix ERROR 1 when installing Magisk in TWRP?

A lot of android users have ran into this issue at some point or another, including myself. You went to flash the latest Magisk.zip and TWRP reports error 1. If you review the logs it usually will fail at backing up the boot.img before being patched by Magisk, good news is that this is a very easy fix! This method should work on ANY android version/phone. This issue comes from having Systemless SuperSu by Chainfire installed, as I have stated before Magisk and SuperSu don't play well together and it causes issues.

  1. Locate a Stock BOOT.img file for your device/rom. This can usually be found in ROM zip file or your TWRP backups.
  2. Flash your BOOT.img with either fastboot / TWRP / App.

       Fastboot method:

  1. Boot your phone into bootloader mode with adb command "adb reboot bootloader"
  2. Issue the fastboot command "fastboot flash boot boot.img"
  3. Reboot back into android "fastboot reboot"


  1. Place your BOOT.img on your sdcard
  2. Reboot into TWRP recovery
  3. Tap "Install"
  4. In the bottom right corner tap "Install Image"
  5. Select your BOOT.img
  6. Select the Boot Partition, then swipe to confirm Flash

      App (Flashify)

  1. Download Flashify
  2. Install and open app
  3. Grant Root permissions
  4. Select "Boot Image" from main page
  5. Find and select your Boot.img
  6. Confirm the Flash



You should now be able to Flash Magisk in TWRP without any more errors



4 thoughts on “[FIX]Magisk Install Error 1 In TWRP Recovery

  1. Yoh Toledo says:


    i am using your stock rom with busybox and pre rooted and I got the error 1 in twrp so i followed this guide. unfortunately, i still get the same error. i used the boot.img that came w/ the s rom.

    1. Yoh Toledo says:

      Same issue with the stock rom untouched and DraX rom, I used your autoroot to have supersu and magisk auto installed.. what is wrong?

      1. ieatgravity says:

        You only need one or the other. Do not install SuperSU and magisk at the same time. This is what causes the error 1

        1. Yoh Toledo says:

          Hi ,
          Thank you for the update. I’ll try out just flashing Magisk and hopefully it works on this one. I badly need the audio tweaks to work because the dolby I flashed, if I remove it from recent apps the audio tweak disappears.

          BTW, are you experiencing the garbage screen on any of your ROMS?
          What I mean by garbage is the one that looks like rainbow but with old analog style TV look. If you turn off and on the screen, it would disappear though.

          A user whom I shared your ROM said it happened on DraX but I never had the issue.


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