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[Flashable]Life One X2 Stock ROMs

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BLOX2 Stock Rom(s)

Up until now the only way to revert back to stock on our beloved Life One X2's we needed to use a special tool called QFil which can be confusing to some. Over the last few weeks I have been doing various ROM related modifications and development so that we can get the ball rolling on soon to be available Custom ROMs. With that being said, to kick it off I have decided to release a TWRP Flashable zip of the stock ROM.

You may also use these as a base to develop custom ROMs as well. See below for complete list of available versions.


  1.  Complete Stock - this is an unmodified stock rom. This will revert you to "out of the box" stock ROM. Perfect if you need to unroot, etc.
  2. Pre-rooted with busybox - This is the same as the Complete Stock ROM above how ever this comes pre-rooted with systemless SuperSU and busybox installed.
  3. BLOX2core - This is the ideal stock ROM for anyone wanting a thinned out version of stock. Comes pre-rooted, busybox installed, deodexed (to be able to theme and easy modding), and debloated like crazy. Comes with a Pixel style launcher, new bootanimation, and sounds. Roughly HALF the size of the original stock. Simply flash the ROM and start modding the device to your liking.
  4. [NEW] DraX - This rom is a custom rom by Draco that optimizes the OS for maximum speed, battery, and performance. It is debloated while still keeping all functionality, and has over 40 improvements to the stock OS. The framework code has been modified to enable more features and improvements throughout the entire OS. It is the most optimal rom for maximum performance. 

         UPDATE: 3/12/2017

New Download Link: BLOX2core

          Fixed issues with installing Magisk. Turns out it was a problem with the boot.img, that is why        people are experiencing ramdisk errors while flashing ROM.

          Added Apps:

  • Default Messenger App
  • Terminal Emulator
  • MagiskManager (you can now install Magisk through the app or by flashing latest zip)
  • XposedInstaller




Not sure which version to choose? Comment below and I will be happy to assist!

How to install?

Installing this ROM is pretty much like flashing any other ROM/zip in TWRP recovery with a few extra steps.


Step1:    Download and prepare the ROM

  • Download the Stock Rom from the links provided above.
  • Once the download is complete, place it on the root of your sdcard (internal or external).

Step 2:   Reboot into TWRP

  • Reboot into recovery with "adb reboot recovery" in CMD or with the phone turned off, hold the volume up + power button until you see "boot into recovery" in white text at the top of the screen. At this point you may let go of the power button but remain holding volume up until you see the TWRP splashscreen.

Step 3:   Time to do some wiping


  • Select "Wipe" on the top right tab
  • At the bottom you will see a slider that says "Swipe to Factory Reset". Go ahead and swipe.
  • Once it completes hit the back button
  • Go to "Advanced Wipe", select "System", then again Swipe to wipe at the bottom. 

Step 4:   Flashing the ROM

  • Hit the back button until you arrive to the Home screen. To the left of "Wipe" select "Install"
  • Select the StockROM.zip file you placed on your sdcard. If you can not find it then tap "Select Storage" located at the bottom left of the screen and switch to the other sdcard.
  • At the bottom you will see "Swipe to confirm flash". Swipe to install.
  • Once the flash is complete (will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes) select "wipe cache" then reboot back into System. 
  • The first boot up will take some time. So be patient.


What Now?

You now have a clean install of the Stock ROM on your BLOX2! Happy modding!


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30 thoughts on “[Flashable]Life One X2 Stock ROMs

  1. Ydia Idia says:

    cant connect to pc (drivers were properly installed) but OTG functionality is okay..

  2. Parra Snipes says:

    On the drax ROM , when I cast a YouTube video to my firestick , the system ui crashes

  3. Yoh Toledo says:

    any updates on this? new roms or bug fixes?

  4. Hey guys, I flashed DraX and all is good with one exception, I can’t configure my Hotspot. The option is there to turn it on but no option for setting up the name or changing security options. Do I need to reclassified or is there a simpler option? Thanks.

  5. I don’t know what to do. Can you never open your DraX to provide other SkyDrive address download addresses?

    新的下载链接: BLOX2core

  6. How to uninstall built-in applications such as Google after Drax root

  7. This rom works great every feature works perfect but my computer refuses to see this phone. It detects the phone but the drivers won’t install. This is the only rom that won’t let the drivers work correctly. Drax detected phone and installed drivers with no problem, so did the stockblox but this rom will not.

  8. Hi this works perfectly and I get my stock clean rom in my life one x2 mini. However, as soon as I boot there is an update that has to be downloaded and it reboots to install it, but this fails because I have TWRP and it doesnt install well there. How can I revert to the original bootloader as well? thanks!!!

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