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How To Install TWRP Custom Recovery On Blu Life One X2

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UPDATE 5/1/2017 There is a new version of TWRP ( available for the Life One X2 Please go to the new post for the most up to date information for links and installation methods. http://blox2.com/twrp-3-1-0-0-life-one-x2/



Installing a custom recovery offers endless benefits compared to the one stock recovery offered by OEM's. With a custom recovery such as TWRP you will be able to perform FULL backups and install root software.

Here at Blox2.com we have made these guides as easy to follow to prevent any user error. With that being said, please understand that Blox2.com or any affiliates are NOT responsible for any damages or bricks. These guides, download links, softwares, etc, are for the Blu Life One X2 ONLY


  • Have ADB and Fastboot installed from the Android SDK

1. First let's go ahead and download everything we will need to flash TWRP custom recovery to the Life One X2

TWRP Recovery 3.0.2-0: Download HERE

BLOX2 Stock Recovery: Download Here (in case you want to go back to stock)

Go ahead and unzip these files

2. Connect your phone to your computer and open a command prompt window

Put phone into bootloader mode : "adb reboot bootloader"


Boot TWRP "fastboot boot TWRP_BlOX2_Recovery.img"

Your phone should now boot the custom recovery into RAM. Please keep in mind we have not flashed it to the phone quiet yet and doing a reboot will revert back to stock recovery.

3. MAKE A BACKUP! Once TWRP boots select backup and follow the normal backup procedures. Keep in mind this step will take some time depending on how much storage you have used.


4. Once completed go back to your open command prompt window

Flash the custom recovery to the phone: "fastboot flash recovery BLOX2_TWRP_Recovery.img"

To ensure that the install is permanent boot TWRP again with: "fastboot boot BLOX2_TWRP_Recovery.img"

5. Once booted into TWRP navigate through TWRP menus to reboot back into Android

You now have TWRP 3.0.2-0 flashed to your Blu Life One X2

Special thanks to @ieatgravity from XDA Dev  for porting TWRP to the Blox2!

9 thoughts on “How To Install TWRP Custom Recovery On Blu Life One X2

  1. Draco says:

    backing up reboots during the partition part, and it happens every time.

    1. ieatgravity says:

      You need to turn of MTP within the “Mount” tab on the home page. For some reason this causes issues doing backups. This should resolve your problem.

  2. Sean Mahabee says:

    My phone continues to reboot Even with MTP disabled

  3. Pefcorr88 says:

    Hello guys, sorry to say it but the guide is not working, at the backup the cell phone just reboots, no matter if MTP is enabled or not, I read some in the developer forums and the best it gets makes the backup to starts but then it hangs​ in there, spended like an hour on it with no luck and the progress bar didn’t even move a little, next thing I tried was to skip the backup and​ just reboot the custom recovery to make it permanent, but no luck, also tried to install the Super User but that also reboots the phone.

    Any suggestions on what to do, to make it work?

  4. John Smith says:

    I have the Mini but TWRP ends up being upside-down, Is there a fix for this issue?

    1. ieatgravity says:

      This is a known bug, as of now there is no fix. Though we are currently working go get it resolved as soon as we can. In the mean time check out dracos b2toolkit, it replicates TWRP functionality on the PC over usb

  5. John Smith says:

    Curious to see if anyone has been successful with a ROM Install on a F2FS file system or do we have to wait for kernel support.

    1. ieatgravity says:

      Not sure how to check if the kernel supports f2fs, but if you wish to test this please make a thread in the forum for future development. Draco and myself have been trying to play around with the kernel with little to no luck with compiling and BLU seems hesitant to respond to our requests via email. Worst case try to convert to f2fs and if it doesn’t work you always have a way to restore with QFIL I believe as long as you own the x2 and not the mini. We are still searching for a QFIl package for the mini.

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