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How to Root The Blu Life One X2

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By now you should have already unlocked your bootloader, installed TWRP as your custom recovery, and performed a nandroid backup of your device.


Before you go any further there are still a few roadblocks even with the device being rooted. Currently you can not remount the system partition as RW as there is a security feature built into the kernel that forces your device to reboot anytime the request is sent.

What does that mean?

That means you will not be able to modify the /system partition within android. Normal root apps such as Busybox installer, system app uninstallers and many more will not work properly as they require you to be able to remount system as RW.

With that said rooting the Blu Life One X2 is still highly recommended in my opinion as it does open up a lot of room for future development as well as customization!

Automatic Way

Follow this guide for Draco's autoroot: http://blox2.com/tooldracos-blox2autoroot/

Download the newest version ( as of May 1st, v1.2) and extract it. Then run the exe for your architecture (x64/x32). Make sure you install your drivers first.

Manual Way

1. Download this zip here with everything you will need:
2. Put the Magisk-v12.0.zip file on the sdcard
3. Boot the custom TWRP Recovery

"adb reboot recovery"

4. Once booted I strongly urge you to make a nandroid backup
5. Select Install
6. Select the Magisk zip
7. Swipe to flash
8. Reboot when complete
9. Verify with a root checker or simply type "su" into terminal or an adb shell


If everything completed without errors you now have a rooted Blu Life One X2. Check out my other articles to see what else you can do with it now!


If you are encountering errors flashing Magisk go here to resolve your issue

14 thoughts on “How to Root The Blu Life One X2

  1. Stephen says:

    do you know of any current or future custom roms for blox2

    1. ieatgravity says:

      A few days ago I managed to port CM13 to the blox2 and I am currently working on debugging it. Last night I got lineage os booted as well. Check the XDA thread to keep up with dev. I will be starting a new thread for the custom roms eventually.

      1. Stephen says:

        i can’t ever find the right xda thread and awesome I will def throw some funds in on this
        if need be

  2. Damien says:

    Ok, I’m running into an issue.. Anything I try and install after this in TWRP, as soon as I swipe to install, it leaves me with a blank screen and I have to reboot via adb.. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. ieatgravity says:

      Can you elaborate? What exactly are you trying to install? Have you checked the recovery logs?

      1. Damien says:

        Sure. Any zip file that can’t be flashed with the system on, for example the back-end for Magisk – I can add it to the cue to be flashed, but as soon as I swipe, the screen goes blank and becomes unresponsive other than through adb. Logs are of no help because I have to reboot back into recovery via adb (or holding pwr+vol-up), and of course, that wipes them out and only shows what happened during booting into the recovery again.

        1. ieatgravity says:

          Are you flashing them one at a time or multiple at once? Some people have mentioned issues flashing magisk in the first place so not sure if that is related to your problem. I would also check to make sure you have MTP disabled in TWRP under the “Mount” tab on the home screen.

          1. Damien says:

            One at a time. I didn’t think MTP would be relevant, but did as you suggested for safety, and it still did it (right before I started typing this out, in fact, lol). I noticed there’s an option under Advanced that I’m not familiar with: Disable DM-Verify, would that have anything to do with this? Also, it’s not just Magisk, but ANY zip not flashable with the system on – that’s just what I’m currently trying to install because I’d REALLY like to get Xposed on here – speaking of which, that’s another zip I tried before I soft-bricked this earlier and it did the same.

  3. Hi Not sure if I missed something but I get root with latest Super Su but when I try to do anything with root my phone reboots

  4. I’m attempting to install magisk but the zip folder is not showing up in twrp. Is there something to fix this?

  5. Grisu Fumee says:

    Hi, after getting root on my mini (manual way) all seems to be fine. Suddenly the launcher stopped working. So I´m not able to open any app. I´m able to get into settings, using the notification bar. Although I cleared the launchers data, the launcher is still not working, poping up with “launcher has stopped”. Anyone else with this “funny” problem ? I would appreciate a little bit of help. Thanks.

    1. Grisu Fumee says:

      Hi, I solved the Problem in a curious way. The prob was caused by the launcher. As the message fom the playstore appeared in the notification bar “Update from ….”, I tapped the message, happily got to playstore, installed a new launcher, for me Catapult (“Trebouchet lite”) all is well now.

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