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Install Adaway on Blu Life One X2

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Adaway on the Blu Life One X2

Everyone dislikes AD's and that is usually the first thing people install when they first root their devices. If you have been following the any of the other guides you will recall we run into a fatal issue on the Life One X2. Any root application that attempts to remount system as RW will force the system to reboot not allowing for any modifications to be made. The Adaway installer is one of those applications as it relies on modifying the hosts file in /etc/.


Hopefully you have already installed Magisk on your Blox2 if not have a look at my guide here  as you will need it to continue.

The work around

Before we attempt to run the Adaway installer first we need to configure a few things.

Step 1. Open Magisk Manager on your Blox2

Step 2. Navigate to 'Settings'

Step 3. Under the 'Magisk' row you will find 'Enable Systemless hosts' Tap to enable

Go ahead and reboot your phone for it to take effect.

Now download and install the latest Adaway Installer here

Once you have it installed open the app and install as normal.

Again reboot to take effect. Your device is now (mostly) AD free.

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