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How To Install Systemless Xposed Framework

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This tutorial will allow you to replace the official Xposed framework with a systemless version.

Why Systemless

Systemless mods are much safer for your device. A systemless mod is much less likely to cause you a bootloop. Systemless mods keep your system clean and more reliable, and everything is always reversible.


  • Magisk
  • A rooted Blu Life One X2 [Mini]


  • If you already have the Xposed framework installed, uninstall the framework via the app, and uninstall the Xposed Installer app.
  • Download and install the Material Xposed Installer APK.
    • The official Xposed Installer does not detect systemless Xposed, so we have to install this improved one.
  • In Magisk Manager, navigate to Download, and install the Xposed Framework (SDK 23).
  • Reboot.
  • Enjoy!

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