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Install ViPER4Android on Blu Life One X2

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What Is Viper4android Audio FX?

ViPER's Audio

XDA Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2191223

Official Website: http://vipersaudio.com

ViPER’s Audio is an audio enhancing software to provide everyone with better audio experiences in various platforms such as smartphones and PCs.

ViPER’s Audio is founded by Euphy Wong (known as ViPER520). ViPER’s Audio has been a popular audio mod in China. Co-founder Jasper Loo (known as zhuhang) extended its popularity globally through xda-developers forum. It has now gained fame and stand its ground in the audio mod field.

Why Do I Need It For My BLOX2?

The Blu Life One X2 is all around a solid phone, equipped with 2 or 4 gb of ram and a snapdragon processor. How ever the speakers and sound software is a bit lacking. If you are like me; your phone is the primary device you listen to music on, so why not make sure it sounds it's best? Using Viper4android we will be able to boost and eq the built in speaker levels as well as completely change audio FX when the headset is plugged in. The method of installation is now very simple with the help of Magisk and will not need any flashing via the custom recovery.

Before continuing be sure to have Magisk installed first, if you haven't check out my guide here

Installing ViPER4Android on Blu Life One X2

Go ahead and open the Magisk Manager

Select 'Downloads' from the menu

Scroll down to find 'ViPER4Android FX

Download and install.

Tab on the ViPER4Android FX tab and tap on the question mark on the far right.

This will open a new window where you can install the ViPER4Android APK

Install the apk and reboot.

Open the app to modify your sound settings.


5 thoughts on “Install ViPER4Android on Blu Life One X2

  1. Stephen says:

    installed this on my x2 and i have subs in the car makes it sound so good XD thanks keep up the good work.

  2. It doesn’t seem to show up in apps after being installed by Magisk. Something seems to have changed to break it.

    1. ieatgravity says:

      You have to manually install the apk, the module is just the viper framework

  3. Drax, thanks so much for all of your hard work on the Blox2. Quick question: I can’t seem to get Viper4Android to work. I have Magisk properly installed and functioning, have downloaded the Viper module and have installed the Magisk-ported APK, but when I open Viper the driver status indicates it isn’t functioning. Do we need to edit the build.prop file? If so how do we do this with a read-only system partition? Thanks for your help.

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