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[KERNEL] Butter Kernel Released!

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Hey guys, Draco again! I just developed a new kernel for the Blu Life One X2. It’s buttery smooth and even compares with the iPhone 6s Plus. I optimized everything for performance and battery life to get the best out of it. Pairing it with the DraX rom is incredible.

My goal for this phone is to be completely open source and optimized at every level. I want this phone to truly be its best, reaching the highest potential. I do this for a hobby and work very hard on this, so please donate to me if you like it, or want to support me through more development for this phone: https://www.paypal.me/TylerNijmeh

– Intelliactive CPU governor
– Self boosting input drivers
– Doesn’t jump directly to max freq (steps)
– Short circuits some unnecessary CPU checks to avoid hotplugging
– ROW I/O scheduler
– Very smooth in UI
– Games are responsive
– Good for everyday use
– Good for battery
– Good for gaming
– Good for performance (bench-marking)
– Adreno Idler GPU Governor
– Nearly the same as the default msm-adreno-tz (Performance+)
– Better idle frequencies (saves power when idle)
– TCP Congestion control
– Better web requests
– Westwood TCP driver
– Really fast internet speeds
– Cubic TCP driver
– Less aggressive
– High and large receive rate
– No module signing
– Your modules remain untouched (cleaner)
– If modules need to be updated / changed, no signing is required to add them
– 512kb read ahead internal storage
– Smooth UI
– Works well with ROW scheduler

XDA Post: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=72842598&postcount=770

All archives: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8DTpyUdT0UASFlLNTI2OExIZEU

Flash in recovery. Make sure to backup your Boot partition and System partition in case anything goes wrong. ONLY FOR THE X2, NOT THE MINI! I am working on a version for the mini, so stay tuned.

If you have any questions or issues with the kernel, please leave a comment below so I can help you fix it. Please enjoy!


EDIT: I added a ton of improvements and fixes for battery and performance, including HID drivers like controller support. I keep forgetting to update this post.

All releases archive:


Keep up with me on the XDA post!

19 thoughts on “[KERNEL] Butter Kernel Released!

  1. your kernel is incredible thanks

  2. Hi i am on ivory coast my blox2 never shows 4g it always works with 3g then there is the option lte how to solve this

    1. Draco says:

      Try the DraX ROM. It includes a setting for 4G in the settings app.

      1. Actually I use DraX v1 r2 and it’s the same problem.

      2. I activated 4g but it is h+ which always comes out Or if it is the incompatibility of the cities

        1. Draco says:

          Sounds like your city doesn’t have the 4G bands that the Life One X2 supports. I haven’t had this issue.

  3. Mr. Oscar says:

    Did you get rid of that kernel security that prevent system mods?

    1. Draco says:

      We are currently working to fix this problems. Not in my kernel yet unfortunately. But I will update the kernel when I fix it!

  4. Hi Draco
    Love the Kernel ever thought of adding NTFS support? I really have having to connect to PC/USB flash to move stuff from my Phone.

    1. Draco says:

      I’ll look into it. Sounds like a good feature to add! Also, I updated the post so you can download v1.5. Tons of fixes and improvements for battery and performance, including controller supports via OTG cable

    2. Draco says:

      Edit: I was able to add support for NTFS read, write, and debugging. It will be included in BUTTER v1.6. I would suggest keeping up with the XDA forum (see post) for new releases.

      1. Thank You waiting for 1.6

  5. Hi draco if you can change the fingerprint so that if the screen extends the fingerprint should also extend otherwise in the pocket the fingerprint tires us.
    I do not know why the fingerprint works when the screen extends

  6. Nick Kozole says:

    Hey, love this and all the roms and mods truly apreacited however whenever I flash this it unroots my device I have re-rooted it since however I am curious if the kernel is still active.

  7. I’ve just flashed the BUTTER_MINI_v1.2 and all the process was good, but a few sconds after booting screen goes all black and device doesn’t react to anything, have to keep power for 10 seconds so I can shutdown, went back to the boot/system backup, thanks for the warning.

  8. Adam Mott says:

    Flashing the kernel just soft bricked me and the restore isn’t working, any advice?

  9. Pablo Lopez says:

    Hola los saluda Pablo desde Argentina! Primero muchas gracias por esta comunidad ya que hace poco que soy usuario de One life X2. Les cuento que probando este kernel no se porque mi bateria empezo a durar muy poco. La primera semana de uso, la bateria duraba 12 o 13 Horas… Y desde que probe este kernel empezo a durar 7 u 8 horas. mi movil solo tiene 1 semana y media de uso Alguna solucion? Muchsa gracias

  10. Do you know when the Mini version will be finished?

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