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Revert To Stock Blu Life One X2 and X2 Mini

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Update 5/1/2017
This guide has been updated to include support for the Life One X2 Mini, be sure to select the correct firmware. Failure to do so may result in a brick! The steps to flash are the same for both X2 models.

This guide is to assist in restoring your Blu Life One X2 or X2 Mini back to stock

First download the needed files
Qualcomm Drivers
QFIL Installer
Life One X2 Stock Rom

Life One X2 Mini Stock Rom



1. Install Qualcomm drivers
2. Install QFIL
3. Extract the Stock rom zip file
4. Open QFIL
5. Put your phone in Download mode


Hold down the volume up + volume down while plugging in phone to computer, hold for 8 seconds

 6. Open QFIL

At the top you will see it has been connected
7. Select Build- select the unzipped stock rom
8. Then load XML
select rawunparsed then patch0
9. Select programmer and select your .mbn file
10. click Download and wait


Once completed you will  be set back to stock (unrooted) ROM and recovery.

58 thoughts on “Revert To Stock Blu Life One X2 and X2 Mini

  1. Just to be certain, though, you did actually INSTALL the Qualcomm USB driver, right? If the device isn’t recognized, it usually means that the driver isn’t installed properly. Unless you know how to install the driver manually or you simply forgot to, I may have to step-in for you. lol

  2. CJ White says:

    I installed them correctly, but now my device is not responsixze unless I plug it in and the red light comes on like its charging but nothing else

  3. Okay, so let’s make a check list here.

    1. Installed drivers for Qualcomm
    2. Have phone turned off
    3. You’ve held vol up, vol down, and power when the device was off resulting in a screen that said wait 8s for DLOAD.
    4. Red light begins flashing every second
    5. You’ve plugged in the phone to the USB port of your PC using the charging cord that came with your phone or a similar USB cord that is not only for charging (some fail at data transfers sometimes).
    6. PC recognizes phone when plugged in with a tone indicating a connected device.
    7. QFIL is installed and started
    8. QFIL shows Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 or similar (if not, check in select port to see if anything is listed)
    9. If not, open Device Manager in Windows and check under ports to see if it’s listed there. If not, see if anything shows up as unknown and try to install driver manually by right clicking on the unknown device and telling it to install or update. From there, do what makes sense and try to find the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader driver in the list to use.
    10. Browse the programmer path to find your prog_emmc_firehose… file
    11. Open Advanced settings and select always validate.
    12. Click Load XML and select rawprogram_unsparse (someone explain to me the upgrade variation please?)
    13. Select the Patch0.xml file
    14. Click Download and wait.
    15. When complete, you will be greeted with a diagnostics screen in your phone. You may play around with it a bit or exit to the system where it will be wiped and basically a new phone. At this point, either load your backup via TWRP or swear to yourself for never having made one and having lost all of your precious data.

    That’s all. You will have to wait at the BLU logo for a few minutes while it readies itself. It’s normal.

    1. CJ White says:


      1. CJ White says:


        1. No problem, glad we could help.

  4. Hey Admin, I was dicking around and accidentally installed the wrong rom. My phone was stuck in a bootloop and I restarted it to get back to recovery, but now it is hard bricked. When I plug it into my computer, device manager as well as QFIL recognize it as “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 900E.” I figured I needed to put it into download mode (as instructed by QFIL when I try to download with no success) but it is not working. So far I have tried unplugging the battery and plugging it into my computer while holding the volume up and volume down buttons. I also made a janky fastboot cable (added switch connecting the green and black cables of an old USB cable) but I have not tried it and I don’t believe it is the best route to go. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Start by turning it completely off by holding power until it shows no signs of life. Then, hold both volume buttons and the power button to put it into flash mode.
      Now flash the correct rom.
      What you have is a soft brick.

    2. Being the impatient prick I am, I decided to connect the DIY fastboot cable to the phone. At first nothing changed , but after messing around for a bit I got I to work. In case someone else is in the same situation, I will elaborate more. I used a USB cable that I stripped down to where I could see the solder points from the wires to the micro-usb end of the cable. I soldered a wire to the green and black solder points (data- and ground), so I had two wires sticking out of the micro-usb end. To get my phone into download mode, I plugged the usb cable into the computer and my phone, making sure that the two wires were touching. The computer should NOT recognize this. Before unconnecting the two soldered wire, I held the volume up, volume down and power buttons on my phone. Once they were all pressed, I unconnected the two soldered wires and the computer recognized it as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” which is what you want it to say if you are trying to reset the firmware with QFIL.

      1. Personally, I prefer to put the phone into download mode first, and then I connect it to the micro USB so that it’s only recognized in that mode and I don’t have to modify/short the USB cord.
        Is there another purpose for the cord modification outside of only allowing charging on a data port? I should let you know that part of the data transmitted is a negotiation of how much power the device requires (charge rate). So you’re actually causing the computer to use a fallback rate which is generally 500mA compared to the specification maximum of 2000mA.
        I could be incorrect as this is just out of my memory, but if you should notice slower charging rates, try allowing the data through the cable.

  5. Spheady says:

    Thank you, I tried out lineage 13 on my phone. It’s not worth it. Anyways your site went down all day. I’m so glad it’s back, got it all stock rom now. I like the OS you built though and now after flashing at it over and over I can do all this perfectly. Only thing I still wish is that I could run, system editing app while in an OS, not just twrp.

  6. IronPhoenix says:

    7. Select Build- select the unzipped stock rom
    8. Then load XML
    select rawunparsed then patch0
    9. Select programmer and select your .mbn file

    Where are these files at? I unzipped the stockblox2 file and all that is inside is a bunch of folders. I don’t see anything like the files you are mentioning in this. This is completely confusing.

    1. IronPhoenix says:

      Never mind with the huge run around you get from adf.ly it seems near impossible to get to the stupid file with all the redirects and half the time if you are using an ad blocker it won’t even show the countdown to skip the ad and move on. It took me over ten freaking tries just to get to this download. Ridiculous!!!!!!

  7. help give me this !!

    Sahara Version:0
    Start Sending Programmer
    Download Fail:System.Exception: Unable to download Flash Programmer using Sahara Protocol

    en QC.QMSLPhone.Phone.QPHONEMS_SaharaArmPrgDownload(String sFileName)

    en QC.SwDownloadDLL.SwDownload.QPHONEMSSaharaDownloadArmPrg(UInt64& version, String armPrgPath)
    Download Fail:Sahara FailSahara Fail
    Finish Download

  8. chuck pogi says:

    can i flash this on my cloudfone next ?

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