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Revert To Stock Blu Life One X2 and X2 Mini

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Update 5/1/2017
This guide has been updated to include support for the Life One X2 Mini, be sure to select the correct firmware. Failure to do so may result in a brick! The steps to flash are the same for both X2 models.

This guide is to assist in restoring your Blu Life One X2 or X2 Mini back to stock

First download the needed files
Qualcomm Drivers
QFIL Installer
Life One X2 Stock Rom

Life One X2 Mini Stock Rom



1. Install Qualcomm drivers
2. Install QFIL
3. Extract the Stock rom zip file
4. Open QFIL
5. Put your phone in Download mode


Hold down the volume up + volume down while plugging in phone to computer, hold for 8 seconds

 6. Open QFIL

At the top you will see it has been connected
7. Select Build- select the unzipped stock rom
8. Then load XML
select rawunparsed then patch0
9. Select programmer and select your .mbn file
10. click Download and wait


Once completed you will  be set back to stock (unrooted) ROM and recovery.

58 thoughts on “Revert To Stock Blu Life One X2 and X2 Mini

  1. Mehmet says:

    In Turkey this phone is sold as Casper Via P1. Is it possible to install P1 rom to have Turkish language supported?

    1. ieatgravity says:

      You should be able to flash using the same method as long as you have the P1 stock rom. Would recommend seeing if there is one floating around online somewhere.

      1. Mehmet says:

        I unfornunately softbricked my BLOX2. It dose not enter download mode. Only red light. Do you know any solution?

        1. Damien says:

          The red blinking light IS download mode as long as it said “Press 8s boot into DLOAD” – so you should be able to proceed with the rest of it. I had to do the very same thing as I did the very same thing, lol.

  2. Damien says:

    Hi blox2admin, I’m getting the 64Gb/4Gb model soon.. do you know if it takes the same procedure and software? Or will it be a different rom? AFAICT, the only differences are the size of the internal memory and RAM. Any help is MUCH appreciated! 🙂

    1. ieatgravity says:

      Everything here on blox2.com will work with both variants. All mods and ROMs will work. They are based off of and tested with the 64GB/4GB version but seems to be interchangeable between the two.

      1. Damien says:

        NICE! Glad to hear it!! Thank you so much!! To be totally honest, I loved this phone so much I was going to start my own site for it, but you’ve already done all the work of scouring and putting together this information, so instead, I’ve been promoting the site whenever I see people needing info/mods/roms on this phone. GREAT WORK!! 😀 (and yes, I am Wickid_D on XDA, one of the places I’ve been promoting the site!)

        1. ieatgravity says:

          I messaged you on Hangouts.

  3. So what’s the upgrade version of the xml file?

  4. Andrae says:

    i get firehose failed

  5. Andrae says:

    i think this tutorial bricked my phone because i cant restart and it says firehose failed its basically stuck in download mode. i cant believe i followed this and messed up my phone this is some bullshit

    1. ieatgravity says:


      First and foremost, thank you for visiting Blox2.com!

      I really hate to see that you are running into issues with this guide but please keep in mind we are not responsible in anyway for any mishaps that may occur, YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DEVICE. We do also ask that you to be respectful at all times while using this site, may it be comments, private messages, etc. In the future please refrain from lashing out, instead please start a forum topic requesting help and advice. Google is another great resource to help troubleshoot issues you may be having.

      With all of that out of the way, to better find a solution there are still a few questions that need to be asked:

      -Which phone do you own?
      -What are you trying to achieve with this guide?

      All the best,


      1. Andrae says:

        First off let me apologize, this tutorial was NOT the problem, i was just angry that my phone was seemingly bricked…..well stuck in download mode, i spent some time trying to redo the tutorial over and over because the phone was still connecting to Qfil…anyways i think you should add my solution to the tutorial so that someone else doesn’t run into the same problem……..solution is DO NOT USE USB 3.0 HUB/PORT on your pc….that’s what was giving me the error, as soon as i switched to my USB 2.0 port the tutorial worked as intended……SO AGAIN… I’M SORRY FOR LOSING MY TEMPER EARLIER, YOUR TUTORIAL IS FLAWLESS ONCE FOLLOWED CORRECTLY

        1. Andrae says:

          Also reverting to stock, fixed my problem of not being able to access the phone via computer…..i think something went wrong during my twrp installation, because even with the correct drivers the only way i was able to access my hone via the pc before was in twrp under mount where i enabled MTP mode…..i dont know what went wrong because twrp n root was working fine….safe to say i wont be rooting or twrping anytime soon lol

          1. ieatgravity says:

            Did you use supersu or magisk? Supersu has been messing up PC connections. Use magisk for your root and it should solve your problem. Glad it worked for you

  6. Andrae says:

    at the time i used supersu, i think it was before the magisk option was uploaded… i will try magisk whenever i feel brave enough to

    1. Don’t worry about it too much. I found out the hard way that SuperSU was causing stability issues and that Magisk actually offered a similar rooting option without the hassle. The best part is that, if it gives you trouble, rerun the zip package in twrp and it acts as an uninstaller instead. While I can’t say that nothing can go wrong, it’s as easy as wiping your data cache if it does. Mind you, always keep a backup BEFORE you root so that you can easily go back to it. Using the compression option can reduce the size of your backup by a hefty 50 – 75%. So don’t be shy with backups. Just clear your old ones as long as you know your newest ones are working 100%. If ever you need to restore one, just load twrp and restore it. You don’t even have to have twrp installed, you can quickload it via adk from your PC. It’s much easier and faster than worrying about the QPST factory flasher/firehose. Plus you have all of your old configuration data back without having to redo anything as long as you perform a complete backup.

      So feel free to give it a shot. It’s really the safest way.

  7. Oh! I do want to say that the Viper module won’t work in Magisk. You’ll have to install that via the recovery as well. It’s difficult to find the zip for it, but some digging around should help.

  8. Jeff Espey says:

    I’m trying to revert back to stock due to a bug causing continual reboot issues. After stock, I will use Draco’s auto-root tool again & hope it works better this time. After I hold the vol up + down buttons for 8 seconds, it turns off, but still show up in QFIL. However, when I hit “download”, nothing appears to happen. What gives? Thanks.

    1. ieatgravity says:

      May I ask what you did to cause the continual reboot? As that may be part of the issue. Also which device do you own (X2 or X2 mini)

      1. I’m guessing tried to use SuperSU. As far as the QFIL goes, be sure to use USB 2.0 if possible. If your USB port is blue, don’t use it. Be sure to follow the instructions TO THE LETTER. That firehose program is very specific on what it requires to work. I can tell you that the method for performing a restore does work properly under the correct circumstances and that you do appear to be doing the connection correctly since it does show in QFIL. The problem may be the download. Did you unzip the files?

        1. Jeff Espey says:

          I did the SuperSU uninstall thinking-& having been told-that might be the problem, but as soon as it was finished, it went into the reboot loop. It also broke Titanium Backup, which is the main reason I rooted.

        2. Jeff Espey says:

          One place said unzip, another said install zip. I got confused. Which is it? I DID unzip, but tried to install the zipped file. What concerned me is that I don’t think it stayed in download mode. Shouldn’t the red light stay on? Mine went off completely.

      2. Jeff Espey says:

        TBH, I have NO idea why, a few days after root, it started rebooting. I’m no developer. I’m a competent techie, but not when it comes to phones. That is why I used Draco’s auto-root tool. All I did after root was try to install BusyBox (2 different versions + pro) until I figured out it wasn’t going to work, & someone told me that BusyBox was built in to Magisk. After that I installed Nandroid & ran 1 backup. I use Titanium Backup Pro & 3 backup schedules to the SD card. That is all I have done. I wouldn’t know what else to try to do. I rebooted the phone bc I lost 4g & thought that a reboot might help it reconnect-that is when it started looping. I turned it off for about 10-15 minutes, & that fixed it for a day or 2, then it started it on it’s own. I thought it might have been that the back cover was holding pressure on the power button, bc it was bent a little over the button, but it does it with the cover off.

        1. ieatgravity says:

          As I mentioned on XDA , super su and magisk don’t play well and that could have been the issue. A full restore will fix this problem. Did you do any nandroid backup in twrp ? NOT a nandroid app. Try manually restoring a stock boot.img for your device to see if it will boot then. Also go into twrp and do a factory reset

      3. Jeff Espey says:

        I have the X2, not the Mini. I just reread the instructions, & I’m not sure where I thought I saw install zip, but I will try again tomorrow. I still think I have a problem with download mode not staying on.

        1. ieatgravity says:

          Easiest way to get into download mode is to use “adb reboot bootloader” or reboot into twrp and select reboot then bootloader

  9. Jeff Espey says:

    OK, I was successful in reverting my BLOX2 back to stock. I am having trouble re-rooting it now, though. I clicked Android version 7x & get the Android Marshmallow, but it never says I am a now a developer or unlocks the developer settings. I rebooted the phone after the stock conversion just to make sure, but that didn’t make a difference, either. I really want this phone rooted – I like Titanium Backup a lot. Am I the only one having this type of trouble? Thanks for your help.

    1. ieatgravity says:

      That is my bad, typo. Should be tap on ‘build number’

      1. Jeff Espey says:

        OK, good. I was hoping it was something simple like that. I will try again later this afternoon, then attempt to re-root. Thanks.

      2. Yes, but let me update you on the best practice before outright rooting.
        First, load twrp via add. It’s not installed at this point only load in memory.
        Next, create a backup of your entire phone.
        Now you can install twrp and root with magisk (not supers) via zip files in the loaded twrp.
        If you have difficulty with this, look at the bat file in the automated rooting method. It will explain the files and commands.
        This will leave you with a rooted and working phone.

        1. Jeff Espey says:

          I have to have SuperSU for Titanium backup to work. Otherwise, there is no point in rooting the phone for me. It works fine for many people, & worked fine for a few days on mine. I will have to try it. If it starts rebooting again, then I will just revert back to stock and give up. I will have a S7 Edge on Verizon soon, & really want to be able to just take the sim out of 1, put it in the other, & have all my apps & data there already.

          1. ieatgravity says:

            Magisk root will allow titatium backup to work. I’m running titanium backup with magsik root just fine and I don’t have SuperSU installed. Taking the Sim out and placing it in another phone will not transfer apps and data. You will have to do a titanium backup of data apps, make sure to place your backup on the external sdcard, put your Sim in the new phone and the scard. Root your S7 then restore app and app data with titanium

          2. Jeff Espey says:

            Autocorrect got me. I typed SD card. When I tried to run Titanium after removing SuperSU, it wouldn’t work. Enlighten me how, please.

          3. ieatgravity says:

            Do you have Google Hangouts? This will be easier to do via chat

          4. Jeff Espey says:

            I have Hangouts, but have never used it. [EMAIL REMOVED FOR PRIVACY]

  10. CJ White says:

    Hey guys, I need major help. I bricked my device with this tutorial..someone said changing ports fixed it for them, but for me it just says usb not recognized. please help asap
    I have blox2 64gb 4gb of ram and windows 10. firehose fail

    1. It’s not as simple as just changing ports, you need to utilize a USB 2.0 port or have your USB 3.0 in legacy mode (if possible). Generally, if the port is blue, don’t use it. If it’s black, it should be compatible right off the bat. Also, you have to have your phone in the right mode for it to register. This means holding both the vol up and down buttons at the same time when turning it on. At that point, it should register as long as your AV software doesn’t sandbox the program and the program can run as admin.
      I’ve done it twice myself (I was really bad about backups) when I discovered a problem with supersu the hard way. I hope this helps.
      To answer your next possible question, look in the uefi/bios to change USB 3.0 to legacy.

      1. Draco says:

        Firehose fail can mean that either the device isn’t being recognized correctly, or that something is seriously wrong. So far we’ve had two permanent bricks. Id try (as stated above) a USB 2.0 port. Another thing is that if the device isn’t being recognized correctly, do it in this order:

        1. Open QFIL as administrator
        2. Plug the device in while in download mode (boot while holding UP/DOWN, release power and hold volume keys for 8 seconds)
        3. Then do the steps in QFIL

        1. CJ White says:

          The error I’m getting now is that the device malfunctioned. or is not being recognized properly. I honestly think this is a permanent brick, I need some hope dudes, I love this phone.

        2. The problem with the idea of a permabrick is that it could only truly occur if one of two things happen.
          First, would be the Qualcomm chip being damaged or coming unsoldiered. The second being the memory chip being the same way.
          The reflash isn’t dependant upon software in the memory from what I can tell. It’s based upon the SoC (system on chip).
          So, if your PC refuses to work right with it, your next bet is asking to borrow a friend’s. If bad comes to worse, I’ll help you myself via TeamViewer if possible or directly if you’re willing to send it here and cover return shipping. But I don’t think it’ll come down to it.

          1. CJ White says:

            now I really messed up, I used another computer, it preformed the entire download but then it said firehose error again, and this time the device wasent even in download mode

          2. Then yeah, I’m going to say the problem is that you didn’t get the Qualcomm drivers installed or it’s trying to use a different driver entirely.

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