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[ROM] Stock Blu Life One X2 Mini

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Stock Life One X2 Mini Users now have a flashable stock ROM


Thanks to the efforts of papacharlieecho who made this ROM out of pure necessity. Like many of us at one point in time or another, he bricked his Blox2 Mini (flashing Blox2core no less) and needed a way to return to pure stock. Thankfully he was able to utilize his nandroid backup to create this package. Papacharlieecho has humbly shared his creation to help other Mini users facing similar issues, you can download the ROM using the link below.


Want to know how to make a flashable ROM using a nandroid backup? Check out this article


Keep in mind that this ROM is made for the Blu Life One X2 MINI and is untested on the first generation Life One X2's. If you are looking for stock Life One X2 ROMs, go here


8 thoughts on “[ROM] Stock Blu Life One X2 Mini

  1. John Smith says:

    The link for the Stock mini rom also has BLOX2Mini-Core.zip. Wanted to confirm this was the equivalent of the BLOX2Core rom for the mini’s big brother.

    1. ieatgravity says:

      Yes, That is papacharlies equivalent version of Blox2core designed for the mini.

  2. John Smith says:

    Wow Blox2mini-Core takes this device to the next level, ram management is still poor considering 4gb of ram but this device is much more snappy. What’s the difference in the Blox2 and the Mini? from what I can tell its just the screen size. I was surprised when I got the device and found it had the same 3000mah battery.

    1. I highly recommend the newest version of the Mini_Core; v 1.1: https://www.4shared.com/folder/H5qSBFmt/BLOX2Mini_Core.html
      This version fixes some issues and makes user mods more accessible. I know the RAM utilization is an issue and am looking into cures but for now ~800mb is used by the system at idle.

      1. Italo Arruda says:

        Could upload the link to download the rom?

  3. The link is down! Please upload it again, I need it

  4. svensson2711 says:

    hola podrían volver a colocar el enlace del rom stock para el x2 mini, que el enlace esta caido.. muchas gracias…

    Necesito instalar este por cuanto tengo un problema que constantemente me cierra los launchers sin importar cual instale lo cierra, he vuelto a valores de fabrica y vuelve a hacer los mismo… espero me puedan ayudar

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