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[TOOL]Draco’s Blox2Autoroot

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B2A - Blox2AutoRoot

Happy to introduce the FULLY AUTOMATED bootloader unlocker, TWRP custom recovery installer, and rooter called; Blox2AutoRoot (B2A). This easy to use tool was developed by our very own Draco who has spent a lot of time simplifying this confusing process for the masses!

What does B2A do?

  • Unlocks Bootloader
  • Removes DM-verity and force encryption
  • Boots / Flashes TWRP Custom Recovery
  • Roots and installs Magisk


Who is this for?

B2A is designed for anyone wanting to get started with rooting their BLOX2. This powerful tool takes the guess work and room for error when obtaining root as well as flashing TWRP Custom Recovery. Best to be used on a fresh Life One X2.


How do I use it?

Again, this tool was designed to be as simple as possible. There are only a few things you need to do before running the program:

  • Open settings, scroll to the bottom and tap on "About device"
  • In "About device" find "Build number", tap it 7-8 times
  • You have now unlocked Developer Options
  • Go back to settings and select "Developer Options"
  • Here you will need to enable the following: "OEM Unlock", USB Debugging

Now connect your phone to the PC and run the (x86 or x64)_B2A.exe

Your phone will reboot a lot, don't be concerned. Do not interfere with the process as this may cause issues. Once the program completes you will have TWRP fully installed and your phone rooted!


Happy Modding!



Download Links:

All Versions: Google Drive



v1.0 -> v1.2 - Bug Fixes

v1.3 - Updated TWRP to the latest 3.1.0-0

18 thoughts on “[TOOL]Draco’s Blox2Autoroot

  1. Tony Bowman says:

    Has anyone tried any of the rooting tools on this site with the Blu Life One X2 Mini? I know the hardware is pretty much identical, but I also know that rooting tools and ROMs can fail with very minor differences in hardware.

    1. ieatgravity says:

      This tool was verified to work with the life one x2 mini. Just had someone confirm on the thread last night!

      1. Tony Bowman says:

        Can confirm. It ran through no problem. It appears to be rooted (Magisk indicates it’s properly rooted). However, booting into TWRP is somewhat weird. When holding the volume up and powering on the phone, it will boot to the Blu splash screen and appear to hang there. However if you allow the screen to dim and go to sleep, when you press the power button to wake the screen, TWRP is visible – but it’s upside down. It is literally upside down and the touch responses are actually where they should be – making it terribly difficult to use.
        Anyone know of a fix for and upside down TWRP? I’ve never encountered that before.

        1. ieatgravity says:

          Haven’t heard of this issue, nor did they say anything about inverted TWRP from the thread. We are looking into this issue now.

        2. ieatgravity says:

          I would try running the program one more time, as apparently the other mini user encountered errors the first run. Worked fine the second time. We have a v1.1 update that should resolve this issue that will be posted today

  2. Damien says:

    I’ll comment on XDA, but there are issues with this on a full BLOX2 as well:
    No TWRP when trying to reboot to recovery.
    No Magisk manager.
    And no SU binary is installed, just SuperSU app.

  3. Tony Bowman says:

    The Google Drive link just takes me to an empty ‘Release’ folder. There’s nothing in there.

    1. ieatgravity says:

      We will fix this shortly. In the mean time use the b2toolkit it has it built in

  4. Michel says:

    Hello, I just restored to stock my previously rooted (and running fine) Mini X2 due to a boot loop. However, I am having issues rooting the phone using either the new Autoroot or the old version I used back in April (which worked perfectly). I have USB Debugging and OEM Unlocked, so not sure what else I should be doing. The phone boots several times, but then my Root Checker indicates I’m not rooted and SU says Binary Occupied. Any ideas?

  5. D Rodgers says:

    It f*ckin WORKED!! YAY! Thank you so much! Only thing I had to do differently is to instead of installing Magisk, install SuperSU!

  6. Scooter H says:


    Let me start off by saying: Thank you all for your hard work.

    I have a basic problem/ question. I was able to down load the AutoRoot and run the x64_B2A application.
    It runs and the last line its says” ”

    I have it all connected and usb debugging enable, as well as OEM unlocking.

    What needs to be done?

    1. Scooter H says:

      Strange, my quote line in hte post didnt get printed for some reason.
      Anyways, it says “waiting for device” inside of .

      1. Italo Arruda says:

        I had the same problem.
        I ran the x86_B2A.exe
        On my computer the program stock in:

        On my phone: Welcome screen (black and white).
        Do you have any ideia how can I fix it?

  7. How long is it supposed to take? I launched the process, my phone rebooted once, now it’s stuck on the welcome screen and I don’t dare do anything with it…

    1. Alright, I dared restart my phone again, this time it booted, but the program say “Failed: unknown command”
      Thanks anyway for making it, I’ll go look at twrp again

    2. ieatgravity says:

      Is this after the november update? The reason I ask is that many users are saying the update relocks the device and makes the auto root tools unusable.

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