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TWRP 3.1.0 Recovery for X2 Mini

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Fixed the upside down TWRP for X2 Mini

Many X2 Mini users have been using the TWRP ported from the Redmi 3s which is working properly on the Blox2 but when flashed on the Blox2 Mini it is displaying upside down. Thanks to everyone who donated to the fundraiser to purchase a Blox2 Mini (which came in the mail today!), I was able to fix this issue now that I have a test device.


How to install


There are a few options when it comes to installing the latest version of TWRP to your Blox2 Mini, I have sectioned them out according to their method.


Already rooted devices (no PC method):

  • Download Flashify from the Play Store here
  • Download the TWRP IMG here
  • Open Flashify, select 'Recovery Image' beneath the "Flash" tab
  •  A pop up will appear, select "Choose a file"
  • Find the newly downloaded TWRP file and follow the remaining prompts
  • Reboot


Typical way (With PC method):

  • Go ahead and have your USB debugging activated and your bootloader unlocked
  • Download the TWRP IMG here
  • Open a CMD window
  • Plug your phone into the PC
  • Run the command "adb reboot bootloader", your device will boot into bootloader mode
  • Once in bootloader mode run the command "fasboot flash recovery TWRP3.0.1MINI.img"
  • When it completes successfully run the command "fastboot boot TWRP3.0.1MINI.img"
  • Navigate the menu in TWRP on your device to reboot

2 thoughts on “TWRP 3.1.0 Recovery for X2 Mini

  1. Good day sir im using Blu X2 Life..and I unlock the bootloader and accidentally wipe the system and it says “no o.s installed” how can I install a new o.s. please reply thanks..

  2. hi! how can I remove TWRP and revert to the original bootloader ? Updates from BLU don’t install well with TWRP.

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