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[UPDATE] kernel sources released

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6 Months Later and BLU Finally Releases Kernel Source Code

Like the title says, this has been a 6 month long wait for the needed source code. What does that mean for you? Well, it opens the door to a lot more mods (custom kernel, source built ROMs). Another great feat we will be able to accomplish is to finally fix the force reboot when system is remounted RW. 


There a ton of great guides floating around that will help you compile it for yourself if you so wish!


9 thoughts on “[UPDATE] kernel sources released

  1. frank g says:

    does this mean we are getting a better blox assistant????????????
    I m not that savvy to do al the steps,sometimes i think im to old for this but still want to root my phone,
    my phone is my only means of communication and can not afford to have a bricked phone

    1. ieatgravity says:

      I completely understand your concern. Over the next few weeks I plan on rewriting BLOX2 assistant and will be more user friendly and nicer looking. Having the kernel source means we can do a lot more when it comes to developing new custom ROMs, kernels, custom recoveries etc.

      1. frank g says:

        That sounds good will hold of the tinkering for a while and bite my anxiety

  2. Angelo says:

    This kernel is compatible to 16gb variant?

    1. ieatgravity says:

      It should be. As it is the only life one x2 kernel source code that was provided by BLU.

      1. lol LGND says:

        So Will it be possible to make it so that when I want to write to the system it won’t force a reboot?

        1. ieatgravity says:

          Draco is working on compiling the kernel to fix this issue as we speak.

          1. Max says:

            Is he still working on it? It’s been a while.

  3. Draco says:

    Can someone that’s compiled this kernel send me a link to a guide? Having trouble compiling it for myself…

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